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Scallop Dive Tour

Scalloping near Crystal River Florida - The Crystal River Florida area is a great scalloping destination. Paradise Found offers scallop diving tours. Scallops can be caught easily. The only gear required is a mask, fin and snorkel. Scallops move by closing their shell and jetting out water. The real trick to catching scallops is finding them. Using our local seasoned tour guide will make this much easier. Scallop season is from July 1st until September 10. Scalloping reopened in 2002 after a 7 year ban. During this scalloping ban, scallop numbers dramatically increased and are again abundant in the waters around the Crystal River and Homosassa Springs area. Scallops bed in waist deep water. This can be a leisure activity as you enjoy the Florida sun or snorkel while others in your private group dive for scallops. Scallop tours are from 2-6 persons. Scallop tours are half day excursions.

Rates: Scallop Private Tour $55.00 per person min or $220.00 per boat up to 6. This is not a cattle boat of 20 or more. Max 6 on the boat.

Crystal River Scallop Tours
Scallop Limits Are

  • Whole Scallops...2 gallons per day per person, or 10 gallons per day per boat.

  • Cleaned Scallops...1 pint of scallop meat per person or 1/2 gallon per boat
  • For Reservations:
    Call (352) 564-1757 or Toll Free in the U.S. 1-352-564-1757
    or Email Paradise at