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Pets Policy

 I have had a Herion and crane  that lived on the island for over 2 years, and a family of otters that had pups here for 4 years that were run off  by disrespectful people letting their pets run free unattended. So I had to decide to not allow anyone to bring pets or make it not advantaged to let them run. 

Paradise Found Island is a pet friendly retreat and welcomes pets with a $10 per pet on lead or $30 off lead per pet, per night fee for up to two pets and a $15 charge for the third pet. Three pets ($35 per night) is the maximum amount allowed  per home on Paradise Found Island.

Due to liability and problems in the past, we must choose between not allowing pets or making certain all guests respect the island, other guest and the island wildlife including abiding by the Florida State Leash Law by containing or leashing pets and cleaning up after your pet(s). Guests that fail to observe the law will be charged a fee of $30 per day fee and could subjected to removal from the island with no refund. We have no choice but to strictly enforce this policy to protect the preserve we live on the edge of.