Island Activities - Flying Boat

Paradise Found Island has a Brand New Toy in the Bay!

The pilot gets a bird's eye view of the Nature Coast Aboard the Paradise Found Flying Boat.

Crystal River Flying Boat  
Homosassa Flying Boat
The Paradise Found Island Retreat Flying Boat lifts the pilot and one passenger to where eagles fly. If you have ever wanted to fly, this is a great way to get your wings.
Pilots have often seen manatees, dolphins and many large schools of fish from the flying boat.

Nature Coast Flying Boat  
The Flying Boat often observes pods of manatees, dolphins, and sea turtles. Share the skies with bald eagles, osprey, red-tailed hawks, great blue herons and so much more. You gotta see the flying boat to believe it !!!

A Pilot can view the heavens in a "flying boat" at Paradise for a once in a lifetime experience.

Paradise Found Island Flying Boat Crystal River Island Flying Boat Homosassa Island Flying Boat

Come Experience the Majesty of the Nature Coast in a Flying Boat!